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Seminar of Deutsche Welle: «Media Convergence and the “New” Media» –

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  • Date: 21.03.2013 (10:00-14:00)
  • Location: Kiev, conference-hall of Hotel "Kozatskiy" (1/3 Mikhailovskaya Street (Independence Square)).

In the program of the seminar (themes, plan of the Seminar, Comments)

10:00 – Opening of the Seminar

Presentation 1 (2 hours)

Deutsche Welle. The experience in media convergence

Deutsche Welle: moving to a converged format
A brief survey of DW turning into a multi-media company.

Theme 1. The “new” media. Industry trends

a. A new media format
Content dominating the medium.

b. Changes in media content
Who shapes the agenda? New ways of content management and the editor’s role.

c. New ways of content commercialization

Sales strategies that make content formats earn. Internet – a strategic opportunity for the “classic” media.

Theme 2. Media convergence management. Deutsche Welle’s example

a. Types of convergent editorial offices

b. DW editorial office as one of these types. Stages of transformation
Changes of the editorial office internal organization. Transition hazards – changing responsibilities of journalists and editors in the new organization structure.

Theme 3. The secrets of success in media convergence

a. Multimedia story management
Different ways to produce an issue in different media.

b. Transferring content into the Internet
Better ways to use Internet content.

c. Targeting the content
“New” media: a larger audience with a lot of other sources of information. The importance of efficient targeting the audience.

d. How to measure success?
Media efficiency indexes.

Theme 4. New type of media competition

a. “New” media: caged in the new environment
Media are compelled to watch each other, permanently monitoring the top news issues. What are the new factors of success?

b. Competition strategies of converging media

Presentation 2 (1 hour 30 minutes)

Deutsche Welle. Opportunities of collaboration

1. Transtel – commercial partnership

2. Non-commercial partnership
Ways of using DW content.

3. Co-production
Examples and opportunities.
Convergent TV magazine – partnership experience Mediasindikata STP-Content (Russia) and DW