Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair
Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair
Main forum for professionals of Ukrainian Mediaindustry

Events of TV & Radio Fair-2020


Presentation of research results of television audience-2020!
Report “The market potential of satellite and pay TV in Ukraine”.

The reporter: Iryna Grebinska, Senior Media Analyst of Research Department of the television audience Industrial Television Committee
27.05.2020. 11:00-11:45. Conference-hall №2.
Organizer: Industrial Television Committee

“Big Data Awards”: the third awarding ceremony for TV channels with the highest annual ratings in Big Data Rating system.

Big Data Rating is a system which allows to track, online and historical data, TV viewing of TV shows and channels by Ukrainian audience.
27.05.2020. Conference-hall №1.
Organizer: Independent Rating Agency “Big Data Ua”

Seminar “Overview of Panasonic Professional Equipment 2020”

27.05.2020. Conference-hall №2.
Organizer: Panasonic Ukraine.


VI Meeting of local TRO.

28.05.2020. 14:00-17:00. Conference-hall №1.
• National Association of Media (NAM)
• TV&Radio Courier company

Meetings Moderator: Olga Bolshakova, Head of advocacy and lobbying Centre, the National Association of Media (NAM)

The target group: representatives of TRO, Regulatory state authorities, Companies of telecommunication industry and communication, Research services, Law firms, Profile organizations...
Work formats: Reports. Questions and answers. Discussions.
Work languages (without translation): Ukrainian, Russian.

The Meeting Program is being formed.

Charitable Action “Give a Book to » Children » Defenders of Ukraine » Evacuated Universities » Alma Mater!”

27-28.05.2020. 10:00-18:00. Booth.
Organizer: Club “Give a Book!” – public cultural initiative

Statistics (Since 19.05.2016)
• 13 725 books were collected
• 13 662 books were passed
• 63 books: complactation/delivery