Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair
Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair
Main forum for professionals of Ukrainian Mediaindustry

of TV and Radio Fair-2013

Conference «Satellite TV: Strategies and risks of the Ukrainian market»

22.05.2013, 13:00-17:00; Conference-hall №4

Teleradiocourier Company

In the program of the Conference:

(13:00-14:45) Opening of the Conference

• Vasyl YATSURA, head of the Committee of the Kiev International TV and Radio Fair, Editor in Chief of Teleradoicourier magazine

• Tatyana LEBEDEVA, Honorary Chairman of the Independent Association of Broadcasters (IAB)

• Mykola KNYAZHYTSKYY, Head of the Subcommittee on Television and Radio Broadcasting of Committee Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on freedom of speech and information

Session 1. Satellite TV in Ukraine: Basics for business.

• "The legal aspects and government regulation of satellite broadcasting in Ukraine"
Speaker: Yuri KRAYNIAK, Managing partner of law firm Jurimex presentation

• «The market potential of satellite and pay-TV in Ukraine»
Speaker: Victoria BORSCHENKO, Head of media analytic department of Television Industry Committee (TIC)

• «ASTRA 5B – new satellite SES for DTH/DTT»
Speaker: Onno ZONNEVELD, Head of SES in Ukraine presentation presentation

• «AMOS-6 and satellite broadcasting in Ukraine».
Speaker: Oleg ROTSHTEIN, Director of Business Development, Spacecom presentation

<• «Are you ready for a new DVB standard?»/span>
Speaker: Iouri Belooussov, Sales Manager, Newtec (Belgium) presentation

(14:45-15:00) Break

(15:00-17:00) Session 2. Satellite TV channels - the path to the viewer

• «Thorsat Company: 15 years of leadership in the market of distribution channels» («Experience of distribution of satellite channels in Ukraine and in the world »)
Speaker: Vladimir MASARIK, Executive Director of «Thorsat» (Kyiv) presentation

• «Experience Satellite Broadcasting of STRC World Service" Ukrainian Television and Radio Broadcasting "in Eurasia and North America»
Speaker: Vladimir ZEMLYANOI, Deputy General Director STRC World Service "UTR"

• «"English Club TV" – «educational resource of the new format for learning English» (spreading code channel, VOD-services for IPTV customers, HD-channel version)
Speaker: Yuliya NEYMAN, TV Channel «English Club TV» (Dnipropetrovs’k) presentation

• "Experience of ZIK TV channel in the satellite broadcasting: is it profitable for regional broadcasters?"
Speaker: Vitaliy CHICHKAN, Director of Regional Development of TV Company ZIK (Lviv) presentation

• «THEMA: World distribution experience of thematic and ethnic channels. Portfolio for the Ukrainian market»
Maksim KASCHUK, Manager of distribution THEMA (Russia),
Anastasia PRONINA, Manager of Marketing and PR of THEMA (Russia) presentation

News of the Conference (reports, partners, participants, comments...):
- public on
- includes in Digest news of the TV and Radio Fair-2013,
- send to registered participants of the Conference.

VII All-Ukrainian Session of telecommunication operators and teleinformation networks

23.05.13; 12:00-15:00; Conference-hall №4


All-Ukrainian Association of operators of cable television and teleinformation networks
Association «Ukrteleset»
Cable TV Union of Ukraine
Crimean Republican Association «Broadcaster»

Tel.: (044) 562-1186, 570-9547, 564-9875,,

At the Meeting will be discus:
• Current questions of pay-TV market.
• The practice of legal disputes between the collective management of copyright and related rights and software service providers.
• An overview of the situation in the telecommunications market. Problems and solutions etc.

At the meeting invites representatives of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting, the Kiev city administration, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, NCCIR.

Organizing Committee:
AAOKTTN tel/fax: (044) 586-45-70, 586-45-65;
Ukrteleset: tel: (062) 349 43 91, ф: 345 26 01;
CTUU tel/fax: (044) 501 32 02, 223 67 25;
CRAB: tel: (050) 590 98 85; (098) 349 90 16;

Media partners: Teleradiocourier Company
TRC «Mars-TV»

Thematic welcome for Thorsat’s partners on the ship Rosa Victoria within the framework of celebration 15th anniversary

22.05.2013; beginning: 18.30

Concerning invitation - contact to the managers of the company Thorsat: (044) 482-37-07, 482-37-12

Happy Hour with AMOS Satellites & XTRA TV

23.05.2013; 16:30-17:30 (Booth #31)

XI-th Conference «TECHNICS of TV • RADIO» (seminars, master-classes, presentations)


Seminar «Presentation of Roland Systems Group equipment»

22.05.2013, 12:30-13:30, Conf.-hall №6

Organizer: Eurhythmics
Speakers: Vladimir BARTYSH, senior Manager of Eurhythmics,
Vladimir OLEFIR, Brand-Manager of Roland

Master class «DiGiCo digital consoles in the TV and Radio broadcasting»

22.05.2013, 13:00-15:00; Conf.-hall №6

Organizer: Realmusic
Speaker: Fernando DELGADO, specialist of DiGiCo in Broadcast.

In the program:
• Overview of DiGiCo consoles with firmware B (Broadcast) - SDTenB, SD7B, SD11B and newest SD9B.
• Overview of the technical capabilities of DiGiCo in broadcasting: a direct connection to the console MADI devices, mixing in 5.1 without Borders, a monitor matrix, convenient up-mix and down-mix between mono, stereo and 5.1, Back-stop PFL / Auto PFL / Dual AFL / PFL.
• The use of DiGiCo consoles in television complexes and examples of work in the world television studios.
• Talk with an expert of leading company in the field of digital mixing.

For participation in the workshop you should registered by completing the registration form

Seminar of LOGOCAM

23.05.2013, 10:30-12:30; Conference-hall №1

Organizers.: «TV-Project» (Kyiv) and «Proland» (Moscow)

Lighting equipment: Professional lighting equipment based on LED technology Logocam. Energy efficiency, the spectral characteristics of LED lighting products. Important parameters that need to guide the choice of LED equipment. Advantages and disadvantages of different types of lamps.
Monitors: Generation 3G. Lineup monitors brand ORIS of Broadcast Series. Monitors quality on the example of a new line of Monitors ORIS of Broadcast Series. Review of portable monitors and sets them on the basis of Logovision.

Seminar «A new generation of JVC cameras for wireless data transmission»

23.05.2013, 11:00-13:00, Conference-hall №6

Organizer: DI-REX

Seminar presentation and show-demonstration «The possibilities of the latest shooting equipment of Ikegami and Canon for solving the most daring creative and technical tasks in the frames of different budgets» – exclusive joint event of IKEGAMI and CANON»

23.05.2013, 12:00-16:00, Conference-hall №5

Organizer: E-Globaledge Corporation (Japan)
Partner: Canon Ukraine (Ukraine)

EXCLUSIVE JOINT EVENT of IKEGAMI and CANON - seminar-presentation and impressive show-demonstration of the possibilities of the latest shooting equipment for solving the most daring creative and technical tasks in the frames of different budgets:
- HDTV camera systems 16 bit 3G RGB 4:4:4 Ikegami HDK-97A and HDK-97C;
- HDTV High speed camera system Ikegami Hi-Motion II with the ability to record up to 1,200 frames per second (up to 24x in slow motion);
- Universal Camcorder (standard of Super 35 mm 4K) for cinematographic tasks Canon EOS Cinema C500 with the ability to record in 4K RAW and 2K RAW formats;
- HDTV camera system Ikegami HDK-97ARRI (standard of Super 35mm 4K) for broadcasting and multicamerate stage shots;
- HDTV camera systems 1.5G Ikegami HDK-95C and HDK-55 for studio and field use;
- HD Multitasking Camcorders for cinematographic tasks Canon Cinema EOS C300 and Canon Cinema EOS C100 (standard of Super 35 mm 4K) with new advanced features;
- Ikegami compact camera systems and separate optical units with standard of 2/3 "FULL HD;
- Canon XF305/XF300 XF105/XF100 compact camcorders with standard of 1/3" FULL HD with ability to record in full broadcast MPEG-2 HD 4:2:2 format on solid-state memories;
- Ikegami ultra-compact camera systems with standard of 1/3 "FULL HD;
- Canon XA10 ultra-compact camcorder with standard of 1/3 "FULL HD;
- Professional and broadcast Canon HD-lenses;
- Canon lenses for digital cinematograph;
- Ikegami professional control CRT and LCD (10 bit) monitors.

During the event testing of cameras and a special shooting process will be organized, in which it will be possible to see not only a practical demonstration of the capabilities of the equipment, but also to check the convenience and reliability in operation conditions, maximum close to real ones, as well as to take part in the process and personally try out the equipment "in action". Especially for the demonstration of high-speed shooting and working equipment in critical conditions a special program with special effects have been prepared.

A lot of exclusive information is expected, including the advantages of camcorders over photocameras when shooting video content.

The issues of organization of effective operation subject to specific of TV broadcasting will be considered, actual schemes of technical equipment of studios, correspondent point and OB Vans in multicamerate studio and field broadcast conditions, organizational and technological features of multicamerate shooting of large-scale and scanty events will be demonstrated, the basic errors, misconceptions and phobias both in technical and creative issues will be illustrated; examples of effective strategies and techniques for providing quality broadcasting and production using high-definition equipment will be showed.

Leader of the seminar - Andrey Vasilenko, producer and film director, a practicing expert in the field of creative and economic techniques, directing and producing digital film and television projects of high definition in the American Association of Digital Cinema Initiatives, a member of the American Association of Filmmakers and Cinematographic Association, Academician of the National Academy of television Arts and Sciences of America.

The seminar is focused equally on all screen industry professionals:
• representatives of senior management (directors, owners of companies, producers);
• representatives of the technical professions (technical directors, engineers);
• representatives of creative professionals (directors, cameramen, editors);
• independent film makers and video makers.

Seminar of ComTel «Modern shooting and lighting equipment to create movies and programs (skill cameraman)»

23.05.2013, 13:00-15:00, Conference-hall №2

Organizer: ComTel
Speaker: Mikhail LEBEDEV, Director-operator, Lecturer of camera skill, Leader of master-class «Work of cameramen» in Teleradiocourier magazine

Master-class: «Types of lighting in portrait photography. Pulsed and constant studio light. Features shooting glossy magazine cover»

Live shooting in real time!

22 и 23.05.2013 (start at 12:00)

Special prize of Valentine Karminsky photostudio «For the best portrait shooting»

Master-class and shooting of competitive photoworks will be held at the booth of Photostudio).

Valentine Karminsky photostudio

Master class “TRC” –
master classes of “Teleradiocourier”’s authors

Teleradiocourier MacHouse
Organizer: Teleradiocourier magazine editorial General Partner: MacHouse

Master class “TRC”: Master Class (№1) of director Ivan Kanivets «Director and movie production technologies. How to avoid mistakes»

22.05.2013, 14:00-15:30, Conference-hall №1

Organizer: Teleradiocourier magazine editorial.
General Partner: MacHouse
Speaker: Ivan KANIVETS, Director, Member of Ukrainian National Union of film makers, lector of the Kiev National University of Theatre, Film and Television Karpenko-Kariy, laureate of the special distinction of the festival "KinoLev 2010", the author of the master class "Direction" in the magazine "Teleradiocourier", a member of the Main Jury Television Festival "Discover Ukraine!"

Topics of master class:
  • Why does the director need knowledge of technology
  • What exactly should know director
  • Work formats with images
  • Rules of selection the format shooting, editing and result
  • Formats shooting
  • Features of work with film
  • Editing formats
  • Combination of different formats
  • Output Formats
  • Features of work with recording formats
  • The difference between fiction and documentary film

Master class “TRC”: Legal Seminar of Ali Safarov "Intellectual Property in the activities of TRC"

23.05.2013, 14:00-15:50, Conference-hall №1

Organizer: Teleradiocourier magazine editorial.
General Partner: MacHouse
Speaker: Ali Safarov, Lawyer, an independent media expert, author and speaker of legal seminars for the media, author of master-class "Media rights" in the magazine "Teleradiocourier"

Master class “TRC”: Master Class (№2) of director Ivan Kanivets «Computer special effects as artistic images»

23.05.2013, 15:30-17:30, Conference-hall №2

Organizer: Teleradiocourier magazine editorial.
General Partner: MacHouse
Speaker: Ivan KANIVETS, Director, Member of Ukrainian National Union of film makers, lector of the Kiev National University of Theatre, Film and Television Karpenko-Kariy, laureate of the special distinction of the festival "KinoLev 2010", the author of the master class "Direction" in the magazine "Teleradiocourier", a member of the Main Jury Television Festival "Discover Ukraine!"

Topics of master class:
  • Why do we need special effects
  • Special effects as artistic images
  • Create a plan of the film with special effects
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional effects
  • Collaboration with artist, operator, designer
  • Involvement of experts in special effects
  • Work on the script. Planning of special effects
  • Technique of combining the captured image and the special effects
  • The feasibility of one or another special effect
  • Organization of work on the set
  • Participation of director in post-production
  • Examples of technically simple special effects

Master class of sound director Igor Barba «Creative aspects of sound director work in the documentary cinema"

23.05.2013, 16:00-17:30, Conference-hall №1

Organizer: Teleradiocourier magazine editorial.
General Partner: MacHouse
Speaker: Igor BARBA, Sound Director, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Docent of the Institute of Film and Television KNUCaA, author of master-class "Sound Direction" in the magazine "Teleradiocourier"

Presentation of the competition program of the 7th Television Festival “Discover Ukraine” (2013)


Days of All-Ukrainian competition animalistic photography «PHOTO NATURE 2013: Nature made in Ukraine»


MacHouse Sergey Gladkevich
MacHouse Sergey Gladkevich Centre of creative photography The Ukrainian Association of naturalist photographers