Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair
Main forum for professionals of Ukrainian Media Industry



On May 29-30 2019 will be held XXV Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair – the main annual business forum of media industry in Ukraine
• Place: Kyiv, ACCO International EC (Peremohy Ave. 40-B, Kiev / Pushkin's Park / “Shulyavskaya” Metro Station)

Main fields of professional interest

• Television • Radio broadcasting • Telecommunications • Cinema production • Photo market • Internet

Main events of the TV and Radio Fair-2019:


XXV Exhibition “Technical means and technologies: TV • Radio • Cinema • Photo”
VIII Exhibition “Telecommunications. Satellite communications”
V Kyiv SOUND Forum
III RETRO-exhibition “Technics TV • Radio • Cinema”

XXV Content market for TV and Radio broadcasters, program service providers, Internet and ОТТ platforms, other content aggregators
Experimental sections of the Content Market:
• Market of video / audio content_UA
• Market (fund) of non-commercial video / audio content

Sections: • Production Studios • Media Education • Media for Media • Professional associations etc.

Exhibition of the best photographs of the International Student Photo Contest “Garyacha Kryga” (“Hot Ice”) / KNUTD


Presentation of research results of television audience-2019!
Report “The market potential of satellite and pay TV in Ukraine” (29.05.19; 11:00-11:45. Organizer: Industrial Television Committee)

“Big Data Awards”: the second awarding ceremony for TV channels with the highest annual ratings in Big Data Rating system. (29.05.19, 12:00-13:30. Organizer: Independent Rating Agency "Big Data Ua")

The new educational project TelecomСhamber of Ukraine for representatives of telecom and media business “Antigravity school” (29.05.19, 14:00-18:00)

Seminar “Overview of Panasonic Professional Equipment 2019” (29.05.19, 12:00-13:00. Organizer: Panasonic Ukraine)

Presentation of training courses: • TV cameraman • Sound producer • TV producer • Journalist - TV program announcer • Sports journalism • Author cinema and TV • Media Psychology • Drone operator • Video editor • TV host • TV director • Make-up artist. Visagiste. Stylist. • Scenario skill.
Presentation of research projects: • Chronicle of Ukrainian Television • History of Ukrainian media. (May 29, 2019: 10:00-18:00; May 30, 2019: 10:00-14:15)
Organizer: UkrTeleRadioPressInstitute

► Forum of local TRO: (30.05.2019. 11:00-17:00)

Disсuss-session: Problems and their solution in the work of local TRO program services (30.05.19. 11:00-11:50. Target audience: Specialists of TRO program services)

Content-session: Presentation of video / audio content_UA, and non-commercial content (30.05.19. 12:00-12:50. Target audience: Specialists of TRO program services, ОТТ-platforms, other program service providers)

Soft-session: Presentation of mobile apps and other program solutions for TRO (30.05.19. 13:00-13:50. Target audience: Specialists of TRO)

V Meeting of local TRO.
Topics for discussion:
Participation of local broadcasters in election campaigns in 2019;
Changes in the procedure for payment of remuneration for copyright and related rights;
Issuing of digital licenses to local broadcasters who have to turn off analogue broadcasting in May 2019.
(30.05.19, 14:00-17:00. Organizers: Independent Association of Broadcasters, TV&Radio Courier)

Action “Give a Book to Children • Defenders of Ukraine • Evacuated University!” (29-30.05.19. Organizer: Club “Share a Book!”- a public cultural initiative)

Participants of the TV and Radio Fair

  • 2018: 2883 specialists / 917 companies / 33 countries.
  • 2017: 3112 specialists / 942 companies / 26 countries.
  • 2016: 2788 specialists / 906 companies / 29 countries.
  • 2015: 2612 specialists / 877 companies / 27 countries.
  • 2014: 2106 specialists / 771 companies / 22 countries.

Organizer of TV and Radio Fair:


With support from:

  • Independent Association of Broadcasters
  • Television Industry Committee
  • Telecommunication Chamber of Ukraine
  • All-Ukrainian Association of operators of cable television and teleinformation networks
  • Cable TV Union of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian National Union of film makers
  • Ukrainian Sound Producers Union
  • Ukrainian Tele-Com Festival (UATF)

With traditional assistance of:

  • National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting
  • State Committee for television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine.

See you in 2019!

Old friends and new partners are waiting for you!
Please inform your colleagues about TV and Radio Fair!
Best Regards,
Organizing committee of Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair